Inch Ka Chika?


    Sunday, June 18, 2017, the Armenian Church will observed the Feast of the Catholicon of Holy Etchmiadzin. The Cathedral of Holy Etchmiadzin was built in A.D. 303, after St. Gregory the Illuminator had a vision in which Christ struck the ground with a golden hammer and instructed Gregory to erect... View Post
  • Worlds Oldest Leather Shoe Found In Armenia

    The 5,500 year old shoe, the oldest leather shoe in the world, was discovered by a team of international archaeologists and their findings will publish on June 9th in the online scientific journal PLoS ONE. The cow-hide shoe dates back to ~ 3,500 BC (the Chalcolithic period) and is in perfec... View Post
  • The Rise and Fall of Tigranes the Great, King of Armenia

    Article by - sourced below: "Under King Tigranes II the Great, from 95 to 55 B.C. Armenia thrived, and became the strongest state in the Roman east for a time. In the aftermath of the defeat of Antiochus the Great by the Romans at the Battle of Magnesia in 190 B.C., the gr... View Post