About us

In a world where assimilation and globalization has become more prominent, remembering your heritage and your ancestry becomes much more difficult. That heritage is preserved through art, music and storytelling, and needs to be in the forefront of our young generations minds. As Armenian, we are a very proud race, and have many historic and beautiful traditions and customs that make us who we are. Together, we can keep those in the forefront of our day-to-day lives.

Inch Ka Chika was developed by two cousins who were both raised in Armenian diaspora as 1st generation American immigrants living in the melting pot of Los Angeles, CA. Being outside of their homeland, their parents wanted to ensure they preserved the Armenian culture, language and heritage as much as possible. Even with all their efforts, it proved to be difficult to teach and preserve the true deep and great history of our amazing little country. This inspired InchKaChika.com. We are here to help tell the story of Armenia, poke fun at the stereotypes, teach both our diaspora as well as others how deep and amazing our 5,000 year old history truly is. 

Inch Ka Chika is also committed to giving back to the Armenian community, and has challenged itself to find the right partners, charities, and organizations to donate portions of our proceeds to to give back directly to the Armenian people, specifically in Armenia. More to come as we heavily vet out these partners and ensure the funds make it to the families in need. 

We are excited to go on this journey through both past and present with you all. 

Thank you, 

Inch Ka Chika